Martie Insurance Agency


Maudra Pacheco-Dickerson

Employee Benefits Account Manager

Maudra comes from an IRS debt collection background and has spent the better part of a decade assisting customers with consolidation and reconciliation of their financial obligations acting as a liaison with the IRS.  That experience has taught her how to walk in someone else's shoes and to treat each problem as if it were her own. 

For the past 2.5 years she has enjoyed learning the diversity of the insurance world and has been a very quick study.  She utilizes her new found knowledge along with her strong customer service and financial experience to assist employees with day to day customer service, plan selections, ongoing utilization of the plan and problem resolution.  Likewise Maudra supports employers with ongoing management of the employee benefits administrative functions including enrollment and billing reconciliation.  She additionally supports Svetlana by aiding in the remarketing efforts, proposal generation, implementation document preparation,  enrollment assistance and payroll deduction report creation and data entry.   

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.​

Svetlana Martie, CBC

President, Employee Benefits Consultant

As a seasoned employee benefits broker, Svetlana Martie has spent the last twenty-four years working with mid-size companies to market, analyze, implement, and manage their employee benefit programs.  Through her innovative, caring, and strategic approach she ensures that clients reach their desired goals each and every time.  Some of her clients include large fortune 500 companies and most of her client relationships have been in place for over a decade.  Svetlana makes certain that every opportunity is professionally researched, and all of her proposed actions are backed by years of experience and successful real-life examples.

Svetlana started to develop a strong work ethic after relocating to the US from Russia in 1991.  As a teen she watched her parents struggle to make the transition, and barely make ends meet despite working multiple jobs.  This propelled her to do anything and everything she could to make her parents proud and fulfill their idea of the American Dream.

She joined the workforce when she was seventeen with the ambition of earning money for college, but due to an unexpected tragedy in 1996 she was forced to give up on that dream.  It was by sheer accident that sheended up in the employee benefits field as the company that hired her at seventeen was the only one willing to take a gamble on an inexperienced teenager.  She climbed the ladder quickly due to her deep desire to learn the trade, and willingness to work hard.  Starting out as a receptionist, she was quickly promoted to an account manager, and eventually a sales executive.  Today she operates her own agency where she currently serves as President and a full time Employee Benefits Consultant for employers seeking a true advocate to help them select and manage their employee benefit plans.   
She is extremely passionate about insurance, and helping others navigate the often-complex web of plans, rates, networks, and regulatory compliance.  She prides herself on skill, integrity, honesty, compassion, and tireless dedication. 
She has attained her CBC and PPACA certifications, and frequently takes part in speaking engagements to further educate the public and her piers on the ever-changing world of health insurance and compliance.  She is a member of NAHU and is currently working on a professional mentorship program for CU Leeds business school advisory committee.   
In her spare time, she enjoys the great outdoors with her husband and two- and ten-year-old sons.  They love hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, and golf.